Exclusive Membership Focused on Wellness

WITH is the only private wellness club designed to connect and support executive leaders prioritizing holistic health.

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We believe...

That it's time we redefine wealth.

We think wealth is a system. One that includes having physical resources, professional wellness, and the ability to take amazing vacations during PTO. It also includes having peace of mind and the right relationships intact. We reassert this truth in all that we do.

That holistic wellbeing is wealth-building.

Good health is a goal that most of us want, but it is a continuous destination. Wellness is the journey and process we undertake to redefine who we want to be.

Our private wellness club...

Shines a light on self worth

We celebrate that holistic wellbeing looks and feels different across unique identities and lifestyles. We start meaningful conversations to make space for authentic connection, growth, and self understanding.

Celebrates joy

We share joy and show up in ways that acknowledge the humanity of teams and staff. We believe in the importance of laughter and rest for holistic wellbeing.

Brings clarity to nuance

We speak to the diverse nuances of individual journeys. We stand up for the marginalized and address issues that our members care about. This includes visibility, representation, and thought-leadership.

Inspires unique growth & discovery

We stay practical in actionable steps and regimen. We inspire growth in all facets. We realize what it takes to get moving and change minds. We tactfully pair inspiration with how to take that first step to holistic health.

Meet the team

WITH Wellness is family-owned and powered by the belief that good health happens in community.

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