Listening Party: Episode 1 –   Prioritizing Me, You, & Us.

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June 22, 2022

Hosted by Dr. Crystal Jones, WITH Wellness coach, spiritual mentor and wellbeing strategist, Amy and Bryan dive into episode 1 of The Priorities Podcast to offer additional insights, practicality, and answer questions regarding wellness and the process of prioritizing.

Party Replay

Here’s a quick recap and a few takeaways:

  • Considering the “how” of prioritizing is important. The podcast is aimed at helping us all do it practically, and in community. ** (we unfortunately didn’t get to capture this in the recording, but you can view all of the other goodies listed below).
  • There could be value in prioritizing our well-being vs. wellness. Well-being = embodying and being fully aware of what our bodies feel like when we are well. Wellness = the commoditized industry that can feel comparative.
  • Well-being is dynamic. We can allow our priorities to shift based on what our well-being is calling for us in that moment.
  • There is no competition between priorities when we prioritize our joy. Prioritizing our joy is a win-win.
  • To be clear, win- win, doesn’t mean we don’t have to make difficult decisions. In fact, when our joy is a priority it actually requires us to say no––which can be a gift to yourself and others.
  • “Even in the setting of boundaries, there is abundance.” – Bryan Lattimore
  • There’s power in communicating what brings you joy with those you love, and asking generative questions to find points of collaboration for finding ways to make it a win for all.

What’s Next:

1) Schedule a 1:1 session
For us, it’s all about practicality– make this all real and specific to our individual and collective lives. We invite you to schedule a session with a WITH Wellness coach. Our host, Crystal Jones is excited to connect with you. Additionally, your current wellness providers are excited to connect with you as well.

2) Tell us who you’d like to be on the podcast next
This podcast is all about you and us, so let us know who you’re interested in hearing from and the topics that most interest you here.

3) Lookout for the next podcast episode and Listening Party
The next episode of the Priorities podcast will drop on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022, featuring Michelle Florendo, Decision Engineer and Executive Coach. We’ll announce details for the listening party soon after.

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