Listening Party: Episode 3 – Margaret Alabi

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August 24, 2022

Stay tuned for the third Priorities Podcast listening party!

Party Replay

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Here’s a quick recap and a few takeaways:

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What’s Next:

1) Schedule a 1:1 session
For us, it’s all about practicality– make this all real and specific to our individual and collective lives. We invite you to schedule a session with a WITH Wellness coach. Our host, Crystal Jones is excited to connect with you. Additionally, your current wellness providers are excited to connect with you as well.

2) Tell us who you’d like to be on the podcast next
This podcast is all about you and us, so let us know who you’re interested in hearing from and the topics that most interest you here.

3) Lookout for the next podcast episode and Listening Party
[insert upcoming events/podcasts]

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