Prioritizing Me, You, and Us

Priorities Episode 1
June 15, 2022

Featuring Amy and Bryan, Founders of WITH Wellness

Welcome to the Priorities Podcast. In a world filled with ongoing, high stress and tough demands how do we begin to prioritize, l mean like for real prioritize, who and what matters most? Throughout this podcast, we’ll speak to everyone from expert practitioners and academics to everyday moms and dads. During each conversation, we’ll look for observations, learnings and insights to help us all to prioritize and deprioritize when and where we need to. And while we can’t prioritize for each other, we can prioritize with each other.

Meet Amy and Bryan Lattimore; co-founders of WITH Wellness, a wellness club for employees. They are married, parents of a toddler, and collectively own four businesses.

With so much going on, it seemed like the perfect time to add one more plate to spin, a show about what else? Priorities.

Join them as they embark on a journey to learn how to prioritize who and what matters most.

Segment One: Prioritizing Ain’t Easy

[01:57] The ever-shifting challenges of knowing who, what and how to prioritize are what inspired (or compelled) Amy and Bryan to begin this podcast journey.

Segment Two: WTF Does Prioritizing Even Mean?

[6:47] As if things weren’t hard enough, our beloved search engines just aren’t up to the task. Our co-hosts discuss the lopsided answers provided by Google and dissect what that says about society.

Segment Three: Work the Frame. Frame the Work. Gimme that Framework!

[11:33] Great minds have tried to provide a roadmap for priorities whether it’s a chart, graph, or matrix. Our co-hosts discuss how well these frameworks do and that it may be time for ones more accurate to their livelihoods.

Segment Four: The Kitchen is HOT! And the Seasonal Menu is STRONG!

[19:06] Amy and Bryan have some wonderful guests on the way and here they talk about who’s being brought on the program and why.

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This podcast is brought to you by WITH Wellness. Co-hosted by Amy and Bryan Lattimore, Produced and edited by Joseph Lanni. Music provided royalty-free by contributing artists ItsWatr, ComaStudio and Coma-Media. Recorded on Riverside.FM. Album Art designed by Andrea Facenda.

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